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Day 205 of 365 Days of God

God told me, “God replied to me,” they assert— and yet most of the time they are talking to themselves.

—  St. John of the Cross

Something to think and pray about! We must be prudent and pray for discernment! Come, Holy Spirit!

Day 204 of 365 Days With God

I turn to you, dear parents, and implore you to imitate the Holy Family of Nazareth.

—  St. John Vianney

Day 203 of 365 Days With God

To be able to discover the actual will of the Lord in our lives always involves the following: a receptive listening to the Word of God and the Church, fervent and constant prayer, recourse to a wise spiritual guide, and a faithful discernment of the gifts and talents given by God, as well as the diverse social and historic situations in which one lives.

—  Pope John Paul ll

Day 202 of 365 Days With God

Let us relieve the poverty of those that beg of us and let us not be over-exact about it.

—  St. John Chrysostom

Day 201 of 365 Days With God

The pure soul is a beautiful rose, and the Three Divine Persons descend from Heaven to inhale its fragrance.

— St. John Vianney

Day 200 of 365 Days With God

Ah! What years and centuries of torment to punish us! … How dearly we shall pay for all those faults that we look upon as nothing at all, like those little lies that we tell to amuse ourselves, those little scandals, the despising of the graces which God gives us at every moment, those little murmurings in the difficulties that He sends us! No, my dear brethren, we would never have the courage to commit the least sin if we could understand how much it outrages God and how greatly it deserves to be rigorously punished, even in this world. God is just, my dear brethren, in all that He does. When He recompenses us for the smallest good action, He does so over and above all that we could desire. A good thought, a good desire, that is to say, the desire to do some good work even when we are not able to do it, He never leaves without a reward. But also, when it is a matter of punishing us, it is done with rigor, and though we should have only a light fault, we shall be sent into Purgatory.

—  St. John Vianney

Day 199 of 365 Days With God

The soul who is in love with God is a gentle, humble and patient soul.

—  St.  John of the Cross