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Day 184 of 365 Days With God

We must pray without tiring, for the salvation of mankind does not depend on material success, but on Jesus alone.

— St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

Day 183 of 365 Days With God

The Lord measures our perfection neither by the multitude nor the magnitude of our deeds, but by the manner in which we perform them.

— St. John of the Cross

Day182 of 365 Days With God

Take a moment to think of everything you’re proud of about yourself and your life. Then ask yourself if you would have any of this without God’s permission and aid? Give credit where credit is due; praise and thank Him, not yourself.

— St. Francis of Assisi

We must always  keep our motivations in check; purity of heart is essential if we desire to grow in holiness. God Bless You

Day 181 of 365 Days With God

A few questions for your consideration:

1. Am I allowing God to use me today so that His name is glorified?

2. Am I more focused on my own thoughts, feelings, and agenda that I  find it difficult to recognize His presence and do His will? [ In other words, will I acknowledge Him with all I say and do, giving Him total control over every area of my life, or will I pick and choose where I  let Him in?]

3. Have I been irreverent to God lately, even unintentionally?

Though we know it is unwise to ignore God, many of us still easily fall into that slippery cesspool of pride and  lukewarmness, especially throughout the course of our very busy ordinary days.  We have become master’s of our own universe and yet we find ourselves lost much of the time.  We are in such a hurry to see, to do, and to be, that our perspective is often  clouded by distractions and wrong motives.

I think our Heavenly Father must get a real chuckle out of us on a daily basis. I know He loves us, flawed and all, but we are a pretty hard-headed bunch, don’t you think? Have you ever sought God out to tell Him your plans? Have you ever lifted your hands up into the sky and said something like, “Okay God, this is what I’m going to do about such and such, if you could just get on board I’d really appreciate it.” ‘And then when everything goes very wrong, we just can’t understand it!  We could have sworn we got down on our knees and had a conversation with God about it. When you and I take God for granted, even unintentionally, we are irreverent.

But take courage, your Heavenly Father is providing you a way back.  No matter how you are feeling or what giants you will face, remember that you will not do so alone. When you give God glory and put Hm first in your life, he will continue to lead you on a daily basis. You are a child of God who is loved beyond measure, and God is calling you to hold up the light of your faith so that others can find their way.

Ask yourself :

Will I try with everything that I am to give glory to God’s name today? WIth all that I think, say, and do, will I lead others to Him or will I bask in the dim light of my self-absorption?

Today you and I have numerous opportunities to thank God and give Him the glory that is His alone. With each success and failure we must remember that we are but the clay in the potter’s hand. Allow God to mold and shape you into the person He has created you to be.

God Bless You.

Day 180 of 365 Days With God

Psalm 4:2, 4, 7-8, 9

2 Children of men, how long will you be heavy of heart, why love what is vain and chase after illusions?/

4 Be careful not to sin, speak in your hearts, and on your beds keep silence./

7 to my heart you are a richer joy than all their corn and new wine.

8 In peace I lie down and at once fall asleep, for it is you and none other, Yahweh, who make me rest secure.


May you allow yourself to surrender and fall into the most merciful hands of our Lord Jesus, who is love and mercy! God Bless You!

Day 180 of 365 Days With God

Live Simply!!

Grant, O Lord, that my heart may neither desire nor seek anything but what is necessary for the fulfillment of Your Holy Will.  May health or sickness, riches or poverty, honors or contempt, humiliations, leave my soul in that state of perfect detachment to which I desire to attain for Your greater honor and Your greater glory.  Amen

—  St. Ignatius Loyola



Day 179 of 365 Days With God

Religious pictures of themselves will not make a family good. Only when they are contemplated upon, are they a practical way to help true Christian sentiment, and to a true Christian way of living in the family.

— St. John Vianney